New Atlas by Boston Dynamics


New Atlas by Boston Dynamics pushes the Boundaries of Robotic Capabilities The latest video from Boston Dynamics showcases the impressive capabilities of their humanoid robot, demonstrating its agility, dexterity, and ability to navigate complex environments. This latest footage highlights the rapid advancements being made in the field of humanoid robotics.

Showcasing Impressive Robotic Feats

The video shows the robot, named Atlas. It is able to pick up and toss a bag of tools to a worker on a scaffold, grab and carry a large wooden plank, and even perform a complex 540-degree, multi-axis flip. These tasks require a high degree of coordination, balance, and strength that push the boundaries of what was previously possible for humanoid robots.

Developing Advanced Control Algorithms

According to Boston Dynamics, the control software and algorithms behind these new manipulation skills are even more challenging to develop than the robot’s previous acrobatic feats. Performing precise, targeted actions like grabbing and throwing objects requires a deep understanding of the robot’s environment and physical limitations. “Parkour forces us to understand the physical limitations of the robot, and dance forces us to think about how precise and dexterous the whole-body motion can be,” said Robin Deits, a software engineer on the Atlas controls team. “Now, manipulation is forcing us to take that information and interpret it in terms of how we can get the hands to do something specific.”

Generating Excitement Among Experts

The video has generated significant interest and discussion among robotics experts and enthusiasts. Veronika Kolesnikova, a senior software engineer and Microsoft MVP, praised the robot’s performance, noting its “better RoM, torque density, and form factor than any robot” she has seen. Another user, Christian Hubicki, also commented on the video, expressing his thoughts on the robot’s capabilities.

Potential for Future Applications

While Atlas is not a commercially available product, the advancements showcased in this video represent a significant step forward in the field of humanoid robotics. Boston Dynamics’ continued research and development in this area could pave the way for robots that are capable of performing physically demanding tasks alongside human workers in the future. “This gives a sneak peek at where the field is going. This is the future of robotics,” said Ben Stephens, the Atlas controls lead. As robotic technologies continue to evolve, the line between human and machine capabilities may continue to blur, opening up new possibilities for how we approach physically challenging work and tasks. The latest video from Boston Dynamics is a testament to the rapid progress being made in this exciting field.

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